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Hello and welcome to - dedicated to putting some fun back into business.

Right now we could all do with a good laugh. Happier people are healthier, harder working, more creative, and more productive. As the
International Business Times headline summed it up: ‘It’s Not a Myth - Happy People Make Happy Businesses’.

If you think happiness could be good for
your business, then you’ve come to the right place.

tftd-mb003 offers a range of services that aim to inject humour into products, presentations, work and the workplace.

We can offer everything from cartoons to creative advice, scripts to shows, one liners to complete speeches. And we’ll do it all with a smile on our face.


Got a
presentation that needs a little lightening up? Get in touch.

Meetings more snorey than snappy! Give us a click.

Got a
speech that needs a spark of humour? Give us a call.

Need to perk up a
Powerpoint with some funny, relevant, images? Don’t delay!

Exhibitions more fly-catching than eye-catching? Ring immediately!

Got a
campaign that’s getting groans not grins? We can fix it!

Want to give a funny
thank you to hard-working staff? Email immediately!

retirement ideas a bit past it? Call!

Leadership training a little leaden? Give us a shout.

Customer loyalty could do with a boost! Get in touch!

Copy-writing looking a little repetitive? Don’t delay!

Want your
mailshot to go postal? Email now!

Are your
leaflets lifeless? Call us quick!

Browned off with your
brochures? Make an appointment!

Want to stage a work-related
entertainment that needs researching, writing, and performing? That’s right up our street!

Want a funny
song to sing the praises of a product or your people? Then grab that phone!

Why not give your
speech in rhyme? Call us now in double-quick time!

Looking for a
workshop that gets people thinking creatively while laughing out loud? Guess who?!

And we can also make movies! Here’s a frame from a
Powerpoint elevator pitch we devised for a client!
hearsayfilm030 - because we’re serious about humour.

Telephone: 01423 360508 or 07958 690021